After the overwhelming support and love that we got in Bishop's Stortford, we decided to open a second premises . We wanted to bring the same atmosphere and fun to our St Albans branch and we hope the locals will love the cave concept. Our historic setting should certainly help.

We're a cheese, wine and beer  shop, a wine bar, a beer den, a sophisticated wine hang out, a deli, a place to relax and to enjoy some amazing products with friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to book a table:

It is not absolutely essential that you book a table, but i would strongly urge you to do so if you want to visit.


How do i book a table:

Bookings are now all handled via opentable.

I can't see the time that I want:

There are going to be two sittings: From 18:00 and from 19:45, with intervals of 15minutes between tables. This will greatly restrict the times available. PLease try and be flexible during this time.

How many people can i book for:

Currently we ​are not taking bookings for more than 6 people.

How long do we get the table for:

We are running two sittings at present. 1hr 45min is the maximum time you will be able to have a table on the first sitting. 

What if i'm late:

We hold the table for 15 minutes. If you have not called, and do not show up in that time, we will release the table and you will be charged for not showing up.


Please let us know if you are not coming by emailing or using the opentable system.

Do you sell gift vouchers:

Yes we sell gift vouchers in various denominations, see the tab above.

Do you sell tea and coffee:

Currently, we do not sell any hot drinks. but we are selling coffee next door now.

What other food do you do:

Our menu is available on this website and has all of the food that we offer. We do not serve hot food.

Can i bring my own cake:

yes, but please let us know and please leave a nice tip for the staff if you plan to eat it in house.

Can i hire the whole venue:

Currently we are not doing full venue hire

Do you do wine tastings:

We may do wine tastings in the future, so follow us on social media for announcements.

Do you sell hampers and gift sets:

Often, yes. 



For any other enquiries, please email us or use this handy message box to send us your query. For bookings, please use the reservation system on the home page.

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